Earn money by watching and referring

Are you one of those folks who wishes they earn money simply by watching? You’ve arrived to the right location. It won’t be as fast as one, two, three, but it’s worth a try.

CLIPCLAPS is the name of the app. You may or may not have heard of it. Because I’ve heard about it for a long time but have just lately tried it.

But it is possible that it will not be available in all countries. It’s also not for folks who want money RIGHT NOW.

About the CLIPCLAP: Clapcoins and cash are both earned. You can earn money called clapcoins by watching. It may also be converted into cash. Raffle tickets might potentially win you an Amazon gift card. You can get a diamond chest for referring friends, which is a quick way to earn.

Downloading Clipclap:

  • Go to Playstore or Appstore
  • Search and Download Clipclaps.
  • Register.
  • Enjoy earning money by watching. Keep the app for a long time and you’ll surely earn a lot and I suggest you refer instead.
  • On the “Rewards” section, click on redeem in the upper right corner, enter my redeem code and you’ll get a 0.20 USD for a starter.

Enjoy and if you’d truly like to earn money, keep the app for a long time.

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