Earn $220 Watching YouTube Videos! (Make Money Online)

So today’s article is about how to earn money watching YouTube videos. Make $220 as soon as today or the next week.

Getting Started

You don’t need a credit card. This can be done from anywhere in the world.

If you’re new to YouTube, it is one of the top two most visited websites in the entire world. One of the most popular categories, if not the most popular category, is video games.

how to make money on youtube

Gaming people love to consume more actual footage of people playing video games on YouTube.

As you know, YouTube is one of the top two most visited websites in the entire world.

However, YouTube is still far and away from the leader when it comes to video consumption.

We are going to go into Google and type the most popular video games.

You can see that there’s a bunch of different things here.

Many of them make a lot of sense. Fortnite, grand theft auto 5, Minecraft, and so if we look and think about it for a second, Minecraft is an incredibly popular game. It has an unbelievable community, and it is sold for billions of dollars to Microsoft.

Fortnite gets searched 4 million times per month, and when we type in Minecraft and get results.

We will see that Minecraft is searched 3.35 million times per month.

Using Fortnite and Minecraft as an example, am going to show you guys exactly how you can make money on YouTube doing this without building a website.

To start generating income watching YouTube Videos!

What we’re going to be talking about is something called shrinkme.io, a paid URL shortener.

You can shorten that link similar to bitly, but there’s one very important difference.

When people click that link, instead of going directly to the destination, they go to what’s called a bridge page.

A bridge page shows them a quick ad, and then they go to their final destination when people click on the links you generate and watch those ads, then go to their final destination you get paid for every time that person clicks on your link.

And it’s as simple as that, and a bunch of different competitors does this because there’s a lot of people making a lot of money from this method.

What we can see right here is you can get 220 dollars per 10,000 clicks on the actual link, and 10,000 clicks might sound like a lot, but if you actually do this in the right way with the right video and the right forum or whatever starts to go viral then you will make a lot of money.

And also, every time you refer friends, you receive 20% of their earnings for life. We are going to use shrinkme.io, and you can see right here that shorten URLs and earn money exactly, so all we have to do is find a URL and generate a link to start earning.


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