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In this Guide, I will discuss a strategy/method that you can use to promote your CPA offers on Quora. You can use the same strategy to promote other than CPA offers. Additionally, you can use the same strategy on other sites similar to Quora. As usual, these Guides aren’t some private methods. You can find this public information if you do your research and try to be outside of the box.

Tools & Requirement

  • Quora Accounts.
  • CPA network account
  • CPA Landing Pages
  • Time

Step 1

The first step will be deciding on the niche. The way you will be looking for a niche to promote on Quora is by thinking of what things people are constantly asking for. Common questions like “Can I see who visited my Instagram/Facebook Profile?”, “How can I get free coins on clash Of Clans?”, “How to get Free Gift Cards?”.

For this Guide, I will be taking the Phone Carrier question as an example.

Step 2

After choosing the best niche for your journey, you will now prepare your LPs “Landing Pages”.

You can make your custom one, buy one, or get any free one.

For our example, a quick Google search will get us a free LP template for “Unlock your Phone Carrier,” which you can find here.

Step 3

Now that you have your niche and LPs ready, you will start scraping Quora for the questions regarding the niche.

You can easily find the questions related to your Niche via Google by filtering the searching by search in the following format:

How can I unlock my phone carrier “site:quora.com”

This will filter the Google results only to show the results from Quora.com 

You can search the ones at the bottom of every quora page, which shows related/similar questions.

Step 4

Now that you scrapped a list of links for all the questions related to your niche, you will start replying to them and promoting your LP link.

Don’t just spam the links as replies. Write a proper answer, so it looks like a real answer and not just someone spamming.

Also, don’t copy-paste the same reply on all questions. Make them a bit different and customize them depending on the details of the question.

Make use of the multiple Quora accounts you have by not promoting the LP from just 1 account, so it doesn’t get flagged, but use multiple accounts, so it’s looking more legit.


If you want to go the extra mile, you can use some of the accounts to ask fresh new questions regarding the CPA offer you’re promoting, then use different accounts to answer them.

You can also bot the answers with upvotes to get them noticed more.

Also, as stated at the start of the thread, you can use this strategy on other sites and promote other things on Quora.


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