How to make money by creating memes

Recently, I discovered a site where you can make money by creating memes online. The site is MemeChat – Make Memes Earn Money

What is MemeChat?

MemeChat is an online money earning app where you can compete with top memers and make memes go viral.

How does MemeChat make money?

In Meme-chat, 1MC gets you for making a meme and here 1 MC = Rs ($0.03). 

How much can you earn from MemeChat?

If a huge number of people like your meme, you may earn more than 1MC. This means that one rupee ($0.03) is worth 1MC, and you may gain money by making memes this way.

Memechat app pays somewhere between $0.04 to $0.5 for every memes that you created and got approved, once you upload it.

The payment for each meme can be different based on the category of memes you created.

Get paid in different ways on MemeChat. I will list a few below.

  1. Create memes and get paid ( [this is not mine] here’s an example MemeChat)
  1. There’s a keyword section where if you use specific words in your memes, you make some cash
  1. You can use different templates and that affects how much you make
  1. It gives you a bunch of tasks like I have mentioned in step 2 and you get paid bonuses for each one done.

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