How to make money on instagram

I am quickly going to teach you how to make money on Instagram.


An Instagram account with a 1500 real followers.

A computer or smartphone.

Minimum 1500 followers.

First of all to make money on Instagram, lets go to any SMM Panel, I suggest you use HQLikes because that’s what am currently using.

When you are done creating the account, move straight to “Instagram Followers” section.

Below is what you will see,

In the URL Section, put the link to the Instagram account you want to boost.

In the Quantity Section, you have to put the amount of followers you would like the account to get.

I suggest approximately 800/900 botted followers, but they seem real after some few minutes or hours and the followers will arrive on the profile.

But in the meantime, you will continue to use the account as always by posting more reals and at least per day.

If you successfully complete all the steps, your posts will go viral
or at least Instagram will show them to many more people.

Note: More Visibility = More Income

Now all you have to do is go to any Instagram account trading site and resell your page.

The account will not seem to have fake followers because Instagram has pushed the posts and it will all seem very organic.

Below are some Instagram account selling sites;

  1. Accs market
  2. Fame Swap

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