How to Make Money Online Top 10 Websites

If you want to earn extra cash, turn to these money making websites. How to Make Money Online | Top 10 Websites

Stock market – The stock market is a great place to earn money. Using the internet to buy and sell a stock is great also. What if I were to tell you that you can play in the stock market for free? That’s right, no risk at all. Matter of fact, what if I told you that you could earn money playing a risk-free stock market game?

Yeah, sounds too good to be true, but it’s possible. It started with me using virtual simulations of the stock market to learn some things before I decide to invest my hard-earned money into the market, but I found out that I can earn money just for playing a virtual simulation. It isn’t that many legit sites out there, but I will show two sites that I know are worthy.

  • – Wall Street survivor is a fantasy wall street stock market game, offering a virtual simulation of the real stock market with all the real rules and regulations. Learning how to use the stock market is a great way to earn great money in the future. But for now, you can earn a little extra side money by using this virtual simulation to learn how to use the stock market while you earn a few extra dollars in your pocket when you meet the game requirements in this battle of the stocks game.

  • Video Advertisement – Videos are a great way to make money online. You make money by placing ads on your videos and when people click those ads, you earn money and get a certain percentage of the earnings.

  • YouTube – Youtube lets you utilize Google Adsense for video when you are a regular uploader to the site and have thousands of views of your videos. So upload regularly and you could be generating a large size income from the number one video site in the world.

  • – Ulinkx is a website that allows you to utilize Google Adsense without meeting the criteria that YouTube requires. You can upload videos from YouTube, Metacafe, myspace, and more. When you place ads on your videos, you gain revenue from clicks.

  • – A site where people upload videos. If your video shows up on the home page, you could earn up to $2,000.

Top 10 Websites to make money
  •– You can publish things on this site and sell them. Videos, audio, ebooks, etc. Revenue sharing program.

  •– Blip allows you to post videos on their site and earn money from them. There are many different ways to advertise your videos on their site with a variety of different options.

  • – Vuze allows you to make content with ads so that you can generate revenue, or make it free with no ads at all.

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