How to make money through affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money online for anyone. There are many companies to suggest. I won’t be naming the obvious programs, such as Google AdSense, but this is a great list. There are now more trusted companies making affiliate marketing a part of their business. Companies are matching popular content that people prefer to view.

make money through affiliate marketing

List of affiliate marketing programs:

Admob is a company that specializes in mobile content. If you have a mobile website, you can use this program to advertise on your site. Although Google has this feature as well, some mobile websites are not compatible with Google, so Admob is a great alternative to making money online. Admob works with the majority of the mobile sites. It even works with subdomain sites.

Clickbank is a website that allows you to become an affiliate marketer and sell your items. You must have your own website and domain name to be able to sell your items (particularly ebooks), but you could use any type of site to use the affiliate program. People have made beautiful income using this website. I myself make at least $2,000 at the most every month. That’s because I spend most of my time with Google, but it’s worth a shot. $2,000 for someone who uses 4 different affiliate programs is great. Imagine if this were the only program I was using. The income would skyrocket. But if you love money, use this site.

Yes, you see this correctly. Gamestop now has an affiliate program. The most trusted gaming company has opened an affiliate program. I also use this site. Although I don’t earn as much as my other affiliate programs, I do earn enough. When people see the GameStop logo, they are going to click because the trust this company has built with the public is unparallel.

Affiliates with Maxbounty earn money from advertising sponsors on a pay-for-performance basis. This site has both in-house managed campaigns for you to advertise, and merchants wanting direct relationships with you. Beyond one of the industry’s best and unique reporting systems. 

An affiliate program with a p0rn site. Want to know how much money that could generate. Considering that 1/3 of Americans watch p0rnography, chances of getting paid from this site are d*** near 100%. Pardon me, as this subject also belongs to money making so I added it here, otherwise, I wasn’t ever suppose to mention anything like this here ever!)

Leader market is an affiliate program that allows you to earn a little side money. By little side money, I mean a little side money. This site isn’t as good as sites like Yahoo publisher or Google Adsense, but it could bring a little money to your pockets.

Liquid web has an affiliate program. The ads that are displayed aren’t as “creative” like other sites, but they pay a good amount of money for advertising them. 

Adbrite is basically the normal alternative to Adsense. Everyone seems to enjoy using this site. The text link ads are very attractive and draw in clicks easily. Although the Adbrite revenue is sometimes half that of Adsense, it’s a great company for large business websites. Adbrite is a great program if you have an adult website (which Adsense doesn’t allow).

Kontera is an affiliate program that earns revenue for impressions and clicks. The ads can be popped up if hovered over, easily getting more clicks and generating more revenue. This is one of the powerhouse affiliate programs. Usually, powerhouse programs generate powerhouse money, and that’s exactly what it does. 

Amazon has an affiliate program that allows you to sell items from their site. You have the choice to choose what you want to sell to the public. Just by choosing a keyword, items related to that keyword will show up and be available to the public. You also get a little revenue due to page impressions.

eBay is the same way that Amazon is, except that eBay doesn’t just hire anyone. They have turned down a lot of people. I’ve been turned down 4 times, but it can generate excellent income.

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