How To Make Up To $50 A Day Without Any Website
Follow these steps carefully and make money without website now:

Find a network to advertise your product. It’s okay if you don’t have your own. You don’t need an actual product to earn money online. What you want to do is go to ClickBank and signup there and make money without website.

Now ClickBank is simply an Affiliate Marketing Marketplace. Once you’re logged in you might need to add some quick info to confirm your account.

Go to the ClickBank marketplace and find a product to promote, I would recommend something you know about. Click promote and you will get a link to that product and every time someone will make a purchase through that link you will earn as an affiliate of that product.

Get traffic for your link. After you choose the product you want to promote now it’s time to get people buying it.

The product owners will provide you with content (images, posters, banners, logo, etc) to help you reach more buyers online. What you want to do is go to Facebook groups and start searching groups related to that product.

Join there and create beautiful posts to reach more audiences. If you’re thinking long-term and want to get this to another level, you might need to open your group as well. You can invite people there and build your community which will help you increase your sales so you earn more revenue in exchange.

make money from facebook marketplace

Grow your Facebook group. Please don’t expect to make thousands during the night. Instead what you want to do is grow your group till it reaches more people and when it does you monetize it.

Because if you start monetizing it right away with spamming links of the product the Facebook will recognize that and your group might get locked or die quick.

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