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I was planning something useful for you to make a million if you could, with an interesting topic where you can obtain the tools and ideas to accomplish one or more chores to make a million! Please keep reading and get started…

Freelancing has grown in popularity over the last few years. People make a million online by engaging in their interests. If you enjoy writing as much as I do, you’ll enjoy what I’ve got here. The following is a list of websites where you may write for them for free and make a million.


Like any other freelance writing service, Associated Content allows you to write for them. The thing that sets this site apart from others is that many of the articles on offer have price tags. Writing an article on a movie and the piece is worth $20. You’re basically responding to the titles of articles. Some articles demand that you deliver a strong performance, which means that your piece must be excellent. The higher the quality of your content, the higher the payment.


Demand Studios publishes articles written by its registered users on websites like They usually pay $15 for piece you write. This platform has the advantage of paying you swiftly, at the conclusion of each week. The articles tasked are simple to write and pay well. The only problem to this service is that you may only take ten tasks at a time.

DOT DASH does not recruit just anybody to write for their website, chosen ones may earn a lot of money writing articles that answer issues that readers may have. To begin, you must complete three weeks of instruction with this website. They will decide whether or not you are eligible for their site at the end of the training. This site’s average minimum monthly payments are around $700 for the first two years and $500 after that. Working for might pay up to $2,000 per month for some people.


Daily Article is similar to However, unlike Constantcontent, they only take off 20% of your revenue, whereas Constantcontent takes out 35%. One feature of this website is that you give up complete ownership of any articles or writing materials you make. That implies that after you sell your writing, you can’t resell it since you no longer own the copyright to it.


You earn money by writing reviews on this site and have the freedom to examine everything you choose. They have three different rates. The regular cost fluctuates depending on how well you do. It normally costs $1.50 each review, however it might cost more or less depending on how good your review is. PayPal has a $50 minimum payment requirement.


For starters, this site pays $3 every 300-word blog/post, and after the 90-day probationary period, it pays $4 each post. That’s a really simple approach to earn money. You can write about whatever you want if you put your heart into it. Nothing is forbidden on this website because there are no predefined themes accessible, this is the simplest method to make money online.


This website earn money through blogging. You create a blog and post it on this site. I’m not sure how it works, but the entries you publish on that blog might be valued anything from $20 to $200 each.

make a million in freelance writing

Suite101 is a platform for experienced writers who want to write professionally. Mistakes are not accepted on this website, thus individuals who aren’t competent at writing should avoid it. You must provide a sample article as an example of what you can achieve for them.


This is an information-based website. If you have a lot of knowledge about a specific subject, you should come here to make some money. You can request things to write about if you don’t want to write about something on this page. They also provide you the opportunity to win journalistic prizes, allowing you to become more well-known in the writing world. Writing competitions with cash awards ranging from $10 to $120 are held there. It’s an excellent method to make a lot of money.


Word Firm is one of those seasoned websites that has been in operation for a long time. Experienced writers, copyeditors, and graphic designers are needed for this site. For individuals who haven’t mastered the skill of writing, the writing for this website is quite tight and might be difficult.


My personal favorite writing platform is Hubpages. Writers come in a variety of forms (they call us hubbers). Regular writers and flagship writers are two different types of authors. Regular writers are not paid to write but they make money through page views and affiliate networks. Flagship authors are compensated between $25 and $40 for each article (hub) they write. They are also eligible to participate in affiliate programs, just like any other writer on the site. Hubpages is compatible with four distinct affiliate schemes. Amazon, eBay, Kontera, and Google Adsense are all possible options. That’s four streams of revenue, not including the money gained through Hubpages. They allow you to use photos, news, RSS feeds, and videos in your textual material to help you express yourself better.


Write articles for Triond and be paid based on page views. You do not earn money in advance for each article you write. You will get more money if you produce more impressions.


Xomba is a free online writing community where you may get money by writing. It is a community that is open to everyone. It’s like a combination of a forum and a chatroom.


This website resembles Hubpages in appearance. It provides capsules that let you to upload photos, videos, and textual material on pages and profit from page impressions.

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