Make Daily Money With Betway Risk Free

Everyday you see professional bookmakers who make thousands of dollars on Betway, and you’re wondering how they do that.

Well, I won’t teach you how to make thousands quickly from one lucky bet nor how to find outsider teams with big odds. However, I can teach you how to make bets, in order to make daily risk-free money.

So how can you make money with Betway betting ?

  1. What is Betway betting ?

The purpose of this method is to find risk-free matches to bet on. But how can you find one ? Well, let’s take the example of two bookmakers, for the next Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona football match. Let’s assume that Bet365 thinks that Madrid will win, whereas Betway thinks that Barcelona will win.

In this case Bet365 will put an odds of 3 on Madrid and Betway will also put 3 odds on Barcelona. In this case if you stake 50/50 on Madrid with Bet365 and on Barcelona with Betway, then you’ll win in each case.

This table summarizes the situation:


Here, in each case you make a total profit of $50. Those are the situations we will be seeking in order to place Betway bets. Of course, a situation where you will earn x1.5 your total stake is really rare and you need to be really fast in order to place the bet and win.

  1. How to find Betway bet opportunities ?

Now that you know what Betway betting is you can understand why this is so hard to find. For every match, odds are always changing, there are a lot of different bookmakers and too much maths to do in order to know if this is a good opportunity.

Moreover if you want to have a chance to stand against other “Betway hunters”, you need to be able to instantly see if this match is a good opportunity. This comes with experience: the more you bet, the better you become.

But if you don’t feel like doing calculations, you can use data sciences services like oddsjam, to find opportunities. However you might realize that those services are really expensive.

Betting is a fabulous way to make money on a daily basis without taking any risk. Nevertheless if you’re not using a data science service, you won’t be able to properly track all the opportunities the market can offer.


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