Making Passive Income Without Investment

What is an Affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a referral program where sites pay commissions to affiliates who send traffic to their site that results in sales.  

  1. Go to eBay partnetwork or the site of your choice and sign up for the affiliate program.
  1. Conduct an online search for the best ads sites and put together a shortlist of the best to get started with using this method.

Craigslist is pretty good to use but remember that there are alternatives that can bring in some revenue.

  1. Pick a very high-demand item and list it for sale on all the classified sites.

I recommend you choose something you would personally buy or you know people will generally buy, for example, mobile phone.

Now when people message you asking for the item you can either say that you sold it already and then just redirect them to your affiliate link or you can just tell them that you decided to list the item on eBay or the site of your choosing instead of selling it on the site.

  1. eBay will not only pay you for the people that buy but also for the individuals that sign up and are active.

Everyone you send to eBay will also have a 30day tracking cookie attached.

If you are using a different site then read the information the site gives you about its affiliate program.

You should be able to make at least $10 per day with a little bit of work and luck or if you all goes well and you get creative, you can reach something even higher!

People seem to forget that eBay or many other sites have an affiliate program that is practically free cash.


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